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According to the director, ‘Whatever is standing between you and your chance at success is an impostor, kill it, hence the title Kill The Impostor’.


The story follows the struggle of a seemingly successful writer played by Susan Echa who is on a deadline to deliver another write-up to her agent after many failed attempts in four years. She indeed attempts to write something when she sits in front of her laptop, in the hope to get back on the horse of the critically acclaimed writer title.
When her agent calls to ask about the progress of the book, she only has one answer.


The film also stars Patrick Dibuah and Precious Akpos, it was produced by Joshua Olaolu, Nwani Orire has the creative producer credit, Damilola Aleje as Associate Producer, Vincho Nchogu as Production Consultant and Nostalgia Media is the Production company.


One unique selling point of the film, besides the very engaging and relatable story, is its cinematography, which was masterfully crafted by TAJ himself, whose creative choices in the lighting and production design further accentuate the mis-en-scene and the story world that is peculiar to the characters.

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The film has now begun its festival runs, 
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If you know how many books and films I have written in my parallel life... The Impostor has to die walahi! .

Film Producer

This looks like you will be giving a lot of visual value on the screen and will to a certain extent satiate your audience with your presentation.

Film Director

I love that your creative choices in lighting and mis-en-scene propel the narrative arch forward and visually accentuates the story. Well done.

Award Winning Filmmaker, Former Head Judge, AMVCA, Voting member at the OSCARS

I know Salama, I have been Salama several times.
The brilliance in this short film is mind blowing!!!!!! The execution, flawless and the relatability crazy. Anyone that sees this, would find themselves in it. I am in awe. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger, bride2mum

It’s a really good looking piece!

Award Winning Editor at Blink Studios

This is the most beautiful short film I have seen this year
Oh my God!

Film Director

The use of mood lighting and well staged character movement lend a very practised and pleasing presentation.

Film Director

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Adeniyi Joseph-Omobulejo is a versatile storyteller, who understands the power of storytelling as a tool to cause cultural change and social impact. He is an experienced Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Creative Producer.

He has produced and directed a 3,000 minutes of primetime TV drama series for Mnet titled ELENINI. He Produced and Directed a 13 Episodes series for Peacock Africa, titled PEPERSOUP. He is also the director of a 6 part series for TNC Africa titled OLOLADE.

Adeniyi is also a TVC director who understands brand and corporate storytelling and has created ads and corporate videos for Multichoice Nigeria, 03 Capital, Visa Card, Velleta wine, Confam Bitters, Roket Ginger etc.

Adeniyi is a leader and He is the Creative Director at Nostalgia Media Agency where he leads a team of creatives to create visual content for corporate brands and narrative films.

The Adeniyi Joseph (TAJ) as he is often called is dedicated to self development and in understanding that storytelling, being powerful, can either be a weapon or a tool, depending on who is wielding it, he would rather be the latter by educating himself in the art as much as possible.

His vision is to create the most inspiring, conscious and reflective narrative stories out of Africa


Adeniyi Joseph Omobulejo 





Everyone who has ever tried to create something, has at some point gone through a phase of self doubting their ability, not sure they are good enough or feeling like a fraud, especially with the pressure of trying to replicate their hit work and struggling to get it done.
It's usually an illusion trying to distract you from your main goal, that illusion is the impostor, telling you, you can’t do it, you are not good enough, someone has done it before, your time has not come, you cant replicate your success. Don’t lose to it, just stay through to your process.
The writer in the story is used as a metaphor for anyone who is going through the process of creating anything, it will not come easy, it will be tough but don't lose to the impostor.
‘Whatever is standing between you and your chance at success is an impostor, kill it, hence the title Kill The Impostor’